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Types and introduction of Cobalt Chromium Alloy

Le 23 May 2018, 06:24 dans Humeurs 0

Modern accomplishment demands accomplish animate alloys all-important for automated applications. Altered alloys accept altered properties. They absorb steel’s backbone and in some cases can add new properties. Here are a few examples of Cobalt Chromium Alloy and their properties.

1. Steel-Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum detoxifies and deoxidizes steel, alteration steel’s atom size, and authoritative it finer. Aluminum helps animate anatomy boring so that you can anatomy it into lighter, added intricate parts.

2. Steel-Chromium Alloy

Chromium is a primary additive of stainless steel. It boosts steel’s achievement in a amount of ways. It makes it harder, gives it a bigger atom and makes it added aggressive to scratches, stains, rust, and dents. It holds its appearance at college temperatures and gives it an adorable argent gloss.

3. Steel-Cobalt Alloy

Metal becomes added adaptable at college temperatures. This can be adverse and alarming in some circumstances. Manufacturers can use steel-cobalt alloys to break this problem. Azure gives animate a addition in strength, acceptance it to abide college temperatures. This admixture is ideal for acid tools.

4. Steel-Copper Alloy

Copper alloys may be unusual, but if manufacturers add it to steel, it creates delivers specific hardening properties.

5. Steel-Lead Alloy

Lead improves the machining characteristics of steel, reduces abrasion amid alive edges, and it improves formations for dent breaking.

6. Steel-Nitrogen Alloy

Nitrogen boosts the crop adherence and backbone of steel.

7. Steel-Phosphorus Alloy

Phosphorous improves steel’s attrition to bane and its strength. It can aswell accomplish it added decumbent to cracking. Manufacturers use it with manganese and sulfur.

8. Steel-Silicon Alloy

Silicon deoxidizes steel, authoritative it stronger. It aswell improves steel’s alluring permeability.

9. Steel-Titanium Alloy

Titanium is boxy by itself. If it is accumulated with steel, a boxy metal in its own right, it creates an admixture that is even stronger. Manufacturers generally inject carbon if they accomplish titanium steel, and the aftereffect has alarming backbone and attrition to corrosion.

10. Steel-Tungsten Alloy

Tungsten maintains the backbone of animate at top temperatures and improves the backbone of the actual overall. Steel-Tungsten Alloys not alone absorb acerbity but do so after acceptable brittle. Its courage prevents breaking while constant able forces.

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The Stages Involved in the Flotation Machine Process

Le 23 March 2018, 02:57 dans Humeurs 0

The Flotation Machine method is the same as other mineral processing methods, and it is necessary to prepare the materials before sorting, that is, the ore needs to be broken, milled, and graded to reach the concentration and fineness of suitable flotation. The flotation machine operation itself has the following basic stages:

Preparation of pulp, including adjustment of slurry concentration, addition of flotation chemicals, adjustment of slurry pH, elimination of harmful ion in the flotation machine process, change of surface properties of minerals, etc. The purpose is to cause differences in the surface properties of minerals, to change the wettability of the mineral surface, to adjust the selectivity of the mineral surface, to create favorable conditions for flotation machine, so that some mineral particles can adhere to air bubbles, and some mineral particles cannot adhere to bubble.

With the aid of the aeration stirring effect of the flotation machine, air is introduced into the flotation tank, resulting in the dispersion of air in the slurry to form a large number of bubbles, or to promote the formation of microbubbles in the air dissolved in the slurry. Along with this, the ore particles are selectively attached to the bubbles, which is the most basic behavior in the flotation process.

Formation of mineralized foam layer and scraping. The mineralized foam rises from the lower part of the flotation tank to the upper mineral slurry surface of the flotation machine to form a mineralized foam layer. The target mineral concentrates in the foam, scrapes it out to form the concentrate (medium ore) product, and the non-purpose mineral remains in the Flotation tank. In order to achieve the purpose of sorting.

In general, minerals floated by flotation operations are useful minerals. Such a flotation process is called positive flotation. Conversely, flotation minerals are gangues, which are called reverse flotation (counter flotation).

Flotation Equipment use and maintenance

Le 22 February 2018, 07:15 dans Humeurs 0

Flotation Equipment use and maintenance:
1, flotation machine working ability and working period, like other machines is decided to maintain and maintain the normal operation of all major components, all parts of 3-4 months to conduct a careful examination, and in the new flotation machine The first few months of work to be checked frequently;
2, only skilled personnel can be checked.
3, in order to promptly replace the vulnerable parts, to reduce downtime, we must always reserve a full set of wearing parts in the warehouse. According to the specific circumstances to determine the wearing parts of the date of use and reserves.
4, must ensure that the flotation machine operator certain technical guidance or training, and strive to fully familiar with his machine.
5, in order to avoid dirt and useless things mixed with oil, oil should be filtered, when the flotation machine
Tank Agitator work, the oil cap should be sealed.
6, after inspection, and contact with the process up and down before starting.
7, the driving sequence is: press the gate switch, press the start button.
8, driving, it is strictly prohibited to touch the rotating part of the hand.

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